As a freelance content and copywriter, I can be commissioned to write the following:

  • Articles

  • Blog Posts

  • Brochures

  • Case studies

  • Feature articles

  • Flyers

  • Instruction manuals

  • Landing pages

  • Newsletters

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Reports

  • Sales letters

  • Web content

  • White papers

Beyond servicing a wide spectrum of B2B communications, I pride myself in my ability to serve implicitly as a client’s trusted consultant and confidant. Indeed, while a linguistic technician by trade, former and repeat clients appreciate my penchant for asking insightful questions and ability to communicate at a high level on a diverse array of topics.

Your satisfaction is my personal and professional priority - and I work hard to ensure that clients receive the best service possible. Reach out and see for yourself.


My copy editing removes and revises awkward sentences, eliminates superfluous language, ensures stylistic consistency, adds transitions between paragraphs, and aims to improve the overall quality of the text. This form of review is also partially consultative - it includes recommendations for content in areas requiring further development. Scope of changes made depends upon client needs and determines the price for the engagement.


In lieu of generating documents from scratch, I am available to critically assess the quality, structure, and overall efficacy of any existing piece of business communication. The state of the document or work is inconsequential - I can critique an existing piece or a draft in progress.

The concrete deliverable associated with this service is a written report that analyzes the copy or content in great depth. It will provide a candid holistic assessment of the writing’s strengths, weaknesses, and what specifically should change. This form of review tends to take less time than most writing projects and grants access to my most critical value propositions at a fraction of the cost.