Medical Writing

As a freelance medical writer, I can be commissioned to compose the following:


CME/CE Materials

  • Needs assessments

  • Gap analyses

  • Slide sets

  • Test questions

  • Outcomes questions

  • Online courses


Promotional Materials

  • Advertising copy

  • Case studies

  • Posters

  • Press releases

  • Sales materials

  • Web content


Beyond the educational and promotional medical markets, I also service organizations in need of technical copywriting. Businesses with complex product or service offerings (e.g. software) are especially suitable.

For relevant samples, click here to view writing samples. To submit an inquiry and reach out, click here.

Medical & Academic Editing

As a copy editor, I consistently strive to improve documents by doing the following:

  • Removing and revising awkward sentences

  • Eliminating pleonasm (e.g. black darkness)

  • Ensuring stylistic consistency

  • Adding and strengthening transitions between passages and paragraphs

  • Improving overall quality of the text

This form of review is partially consultative and includes recommendations for content in areas requiring further development. Thoughts are left through comments on matters where it may be instructive for the original writer to make changes independently. Clients may also request to have all changes made on their behalf.

The scope of changes made depends upon client needs and determines the engagement price.


In lieu of generating documents from scratch, I am available to critically assess the quality, structure, and overall efficacy of any existing piece of business communication. The state of the document or work is inconsequential - I can critique an existing piece or a draft in progress.

The concrete deliverable associated with this service is a written report that analyzes the copy or content in great depth. It will provide a candid holistic assessment of the writing’s strengths, weaknesses, and what specifically should change. This form of review tends to take less time than most writing projects and grants access to my most critical value propositions at a fraction of the cost.