“Thomas is an outstanding writer and editor. His writing skills are coupled to a solid intellect that enables him to internalize and write on a vast range of technical subjects.”

— W. Matthew Leevy, PhD



“After reviewing my thesis with Thomas, I was able to clearly communicate my message. His unique ability to comprehend and convey highly technical information to someone who may not understand it is incredible. I am not able to say thank you enough!"

— Kerry Egan

“His keen eye for detail and trenchant style serve as valuable assets in any undertaking.”

— Jeffrey N. Smith, Senior Analyst, Goldman Sachs




“Thomas was instrumental in helping to get my thesis project to a state that I was proud to present to my peers, teachers, advisors, and professional network. I would highly recommend Thomas to anyone looking to take their writing to the next level.”

— Om Neelay



“Thomas became an asset to my project. He was truly invested in my work’s success and provided in-depth feedback that improved my style. I will be collaborating with Thomas in all my future work.”

— Austin Fry

“Thank you so much for the great thesis edits. I had been feeling a bit uneasy with how much I needed to rework. Your pointers are lifesaving!”

— Shane Earley, Graduate Student, University of Notre Dame


Testimonial in progress - coming soon.

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Testimonial in progress - coming soon.

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“The improvements to my document? Undeniable.”

— Barrett Nelson, Engineering, ARCO/Murray