Note: This list is not exhaustive, as the intellectual property belongs to the client upon completion. Below are samples where rights to distribute on this site are permitted.

Indy Auto Parts - About Us (Image).PNG

Indy Auto Parts - Web Content

A small automotive aftermarket retail store revamped its online presence and required a revitalized retelling of its company history. This document, split into three parts, provides an executive summary, recounting of early enterprise milestones, and a description of present day service offerings.

DDx Screenshot.PNG

dermadiagnostics - Newsletter

dermadiagnostics is an incipient biotechnology venture developing a patch capable of detecting early onset cervical cancer. This newsletter, written for investors and the general public alike, keeps readers abreast of recent fundraising milestones and provides a product overview of the company’s flagship product.

hpCommerce Orion.PNG

hpCommerce Orion - Instruction Manual

hpCommerce Orion is an end-to end software suite used by retailers in the automotive and motor sports industries. This instruction manual documents the program’s web integration tools and walks users through the steps associated with uploading product SKUs through .csv file imports.

Thesis Screenshot.PNG

Cognitive Recovery Lab - Scientific Report

A leading neurolingustics lab specializing in the investigation of speech recovery following stroke commissioned a study to explore the neural correlates underlying writing and speaking. This thesis excerpt contains the abstract and introduction from this study, which explored relevant findings from literature and noted salient unresolved questions in the domain of aphasia research.

FSI Copy Image.PNG

Forensic Systems International - Brochure Copy

An independently owned consulting practice specializing in computer forensics and litigation support needed a brochure to guide prospective clients on its fraud examination capabilities. This brochure establishes the principal’s credentials, provides key statistics, and clearly compels prospective clients to seek further information by phone or web.

Slidedeck Image.PNG

Tech Write Plus - PowerPoint / Slide Deck

This slide deck electronically encapsulates the core offerings of the company while illustrating the general style with which slides are constructed on behalf of clients.

Breathe Slidedeck Image.PNG

Breathe-Fit - PowerPoint / Slide Deck

An incipient biotechnology company based out of the University of Notre Dame required a slide deck for use during fundraising pitches. The research compiled into this presentation helped Mindful Ventures, LLC win a $25,000 grant by Elevate Ventures - a leading venture capital firm in the State of Indiana.

TWP Flyer One.PNG

Tech Write Plus - Promotional Flyer

This promotional flyer was written to attract engagements from local business owners seeking to outsource critical marketing and communication responsibilities. Distributed digitally, this piece of copywriting continues to lure clients thanks to its accessibility, brevity, and candor.