How much do your services cost?

Every engagement has a different price depending on the magnitude of the project, degree to which revisions are required, along with the general timeline for completion.

Considering the diversity of work performed, quotes are provided on a project basis during an initial consultation.

How do you work with clients?

Electronically via e-mail and over the phone, if desired. Note that changes in project direction and additional meetings will adjust the billable amount upwards. For more details regarding how we will work together, refer to the process overview section located here.

Can you work faster?

Yes and no. Although the rate at which I can complete assignments resides within a fixed range, I can control the order in which I complete work. Should you desire or require a particular service quickly, we can arrange for an expedited delivery timeline depending upon availability. Compressing the time required for the project will not compromise the quality of the work, but it will cost more as your engagement will receive priority over other projects in the company queue.

What happens if I dislike something?

While the English language is governed to a great degree by rules, many aspects of writing and editing are fundamentally subjective. As my client, it is my objective to fulfill your particular vision for a project. To this end, I will oblige requests to make modifications in accordance with your wishes. That said, I will render my opinion candidly if I believe the changes would be to the detriment of the document.

To avoid issues with writing or editing engagements, it is best practice to provide some instructions for what you would like done. I also supply clients with a brief questionnaire that upon completion allows me to bring what was desired to fruition.

Do you have a refund policy?

No. Unlike physical goods, which can be returned and resold, services are ill-suited for refunds as it would result in work being done with no compensation. In the event that you are dissatisfied, I will work with you to assess the issue and identify options for recourse. I advise all prospective clients to view the resources on this website so that they can perform proper due diligence.

Do you have any other associates? Are you hiring?

Presently, Tech Write Plus is a sole proprietorship. When the volume of engagements received exceeds my ability to complete them independently, I will very likely look to hire associates to assist with scaling the enterprise.

On a related noted, I am looking to work with talented graphic designers to provide end-to-end solutions for clients. If you are skilled in this domain and interested in working together, contact me.

Why did you decide to become a freelance writer, editor, and consultant?

The question of how to avoid meaningless work in favor of more fulfilling endeavors has endured throughout the ages, as it evades simple answers. That said, self-determination theory in psychology posits that satisfaction is directly linked to a trifecta of traits: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Through this lens, an answer to this question emerges:

  • Autonomy: Self-employment is supremely liberating. Every directive made and action taken is my own; my successes and failures become uniquely mine.

  • Mastery: Offering a focused suite of services enables me to develop skills precisely in the fields where I already have considerable strength and interest.

  • Purpose: As an writer, editor, and implicit consultant, I tie my fortune to my clients. Their success is my success, and I want them to enjoy every ounce of satisfaction that I feel whenever I do a good job. I want them to win. I want them to take pride in their work. And I want them going forward to realize their fullest potential, which often resides far beyond what they initially believe!


What are your payment policies?

For most projects, I require a 50% retainer to be paid prior to completing any work beyond an initial consultation. This retainer fee is best conceptualized as a prepayment for the service and reflects your commitment to the project.

Retainer fees are an industry standard in the professional service industry (e.g. editing, photography, graphic design) because they protect the provider from unforeseen cancellations initiated by the client. The sum, as its name implies, also incentivizes clients to “retain” the service so that the provider can work knowing that a minimum amount will be paid for work completed.

The remaining 50% of the project quote is due immediately before returning the document via e-mail. Payments should be sent by check. Infrastructure to process credit cards and online payments are being considered but remain unavailable for now.

How should I send files, background literature, and other information?

Send it electronically to the following address:

Upon receipt, I will confirm that I received your message. By default, I will send all completed work to the address from which I initially received correspondence. If you would like me to send it elsewhere, let me know.

Can I see a sample contract or engagement letter?

Yes! I believe in transparency. To that end, I have made a standard service contract available for viewing here. Depending upon the work needed, your contract may contain additional provisions and details. These customized clauses are crafted during a free consultation process before I commence work on your behalf.

Why do you use a contract?

I draft contracts for all client engagements to ensure that services are rendered accurately and promptly. This document protects both parties in the event that either is derelict in its duties to the other; it is an essential compact that establishes expectations and ensures accountability.

What are your credentials?

I have a B.S. in Neurobiology from Georgetown University and had a double minor in English & Science, Technology, and International Affairs. I also possess a M.S. in Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship from the University of Notre Dame. There, I developed business acumen and refined my abilities as a speaker, consultant, and communicator.

Currently, I am working towards certificates in Editing, Medical Writing, and Social Media Marketing to supplement my university education.

For an overview of my background, click here.